The lede

25 Jul

What if they gave a blog and nobody came? I’ve thought about it, looked into the abyss, and truth to be told, I’ve blanched.

But don’t fret about me. A dose of rejection, judiciously applied, is good for a body – character-builder, and all that, not to mention the aerobic surplus sure to be realized by stacking all those fallen trees in the forest which you may, or may not, have heard.

So I’m not worried. And I know you’re out there – I can hear you breathing.

Now that digital journalism has been ratcheted to next-big-thing status, the time may be right to wheel in a blog devoted to what, if I’m reading the auguries correctly, has come to serve as the journalist’s first analytical resort – Excel. The spreadsheet, that homely, back-officed, bean-counter’s staple, now stands as a nearly-cool, journo’s gotta-know; and the posts that follow hope to hone your chops and flash some directionals to the stories crouching behind someone else’s data. Stay tuned, and be there – aloha.

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