Addendum: Olympic Athlete Workbook

19 Dec


A bit of follow-up, if I may. My September 13 post (how quickly they forget) took up the matter of Olympic medal-winner birth-month distributions, and how these might compare with random, null-hypothesized percentages. The accompanying workbook was incomplete, and so I herewith make available an Excel adaptation of the Guardian’s current athlete census, appearing to number all Olympic competitors (10,384), along with medal attributions. I’ve also introduced my own birth month column to the mix, and you can get the workbook here:

 All London 2012 athletes Excel

Note that, as sorted here and as per my original Olympics piece, the last 37 Date of Birth records emobdy text, as opposed to numeric, format, and and had to be dealt with accordingly (see the relevant discussion in the September post). In any case, enjoy the data. I should add a preliminary thought-provoker or two: The August-born account for 11.6% of all medals, and I still can’t explain why 20.7% of the Chinese team members seem to have been born in January. Dodgy data? Hazy government agenda? Cohort cutoff point?

Get back to me – your guesses may be better than mine.

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