Corona Virus Spreadsheet 2 – for Excel 365

16 Jun

Here’s a follow-on to the previously-posted Corona virus workbook (again requiring the 365 iteration), the data again gleaned from a daily download from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control:


This time, a measure of user interactivity has been shaken into the formulas: The two Rolling Intervals sheets ask the user to set the number of time intervals across which the Corona-case data are to reported, along with the number of days per interval, e.g. the first sheet compiling region-wide data:


The above selections, then, could be recast, e.g.:


Thus user decisions can widen or contract the periodicities, and redistribute the interval counts accordingly (which all date back from the endpoint marked by the last day for which data have been reported). And the same options avail in the Rolling intervals country sheet:


Remember the workbook requires Excel 365, and you may need to click Data> Refresh All if the download doesn’t execute.

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