Better than Netflix: Excel 365 Dynamic Array Function Training – Online

26 Oct

The choice is clear: Fandom or FILTER? Spotify or SPILL? YouTube or UNIQUE?

It’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned; I’ve never even heard of Fandom, and I’m offering something you can actually claim for your CV with without seeing your nose grow – online, real-time instruction in Excel 365’s dynamic array formulas, Google Meets-sited (it’s free and unlimited until March), with duration(s) and dates negotiable,

You’ll never get this offer from Rihanna, and Kim is on the campaign trail, so what are you waiting for?

As for the fine print, writ large, it reads like this: one-on-one encounters ring up at $30 per hour, with multi-learner sessions checking in at $20 per. Session times, numbers, and lengths can be hammered out during the negotiation phase (Sundays are possible, too, but not Saturdays. Remember too, that I’m in London); I’m just fine, for example, with a mano-y-mano of an hour and 47 minutes, as long as you’re fine with an invoice of $53.50.

You should be pretty comfortable with formula writing and MUST have the Office 365 iteration of Excel in tow, because the new functions don’t appear anywhere else. Time and inclination permitting, the intention is to say something about each of these worth-knowing, game-changing functions:







And perhaps XLOOKUP and XMATCH. I have lots of practice/exercise files, too, ideal for stoking the fun to fever pitch.

If you’re interested, just get back to me at

Just one request: if you insist on wearing those jeans inlaid with the faux rhinestones, please – turn your camera off. Or at least remain seated.

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